Christ the Redeemer’s Supporting Companies Program

Beloved even before being known, the Monument to Christ the Redeemer must always meet its visitors’ huge expectations. And since every year, more than 3 million people come from all over the world, our challenge is to provide the best structure and attractions that make this experience always unforgettable.

Aiming to satisfy the people, from all over the world, who go to the top of Corcovado, the Christ the Redeemer’s Supporting Companies Program was initiated in 2013, through which public and private institutions have the opportunity to support the Monument, promoting its restoration, maintenance, internal and external lighting, and even the social work it performs.

All innovations and improvements to the tourist, occurred during the last year, are fruits of this program. As, for example, the Digital Information Center - which provides digital dashboards in different parts of the plateau, for information, including different languages​​, all related to the contemplation of the landscape view from the Monument. History and facts about Christ the Redeemer, as well as tips and tourism information in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil are also offered - this site and the creation and maintenance of the official social networking.

All this for you to get closer to Christ the Redeemer!

Seal of supporting company
Seal of supporting company

Hyundai Motor

"Join Program Company supportive of Christ the Redeemer, from July 2015, it was one of the ways that Hyundai Motor Brazil found to thank the way it was received in the country: with open arms. Hyundai repay the hospitality connecting thousands of Brazilian and foreign tourists who daily visit one of the greatest icons of Brazil and the world, Hyundai facilities like Wi-Fi and a free application that brings a lot of connectivity and access to exclusive information about the monument."

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