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Christ the Redeemer: access from anywhere in the world

J. Lucena

Opening the festivities in commemoration of its 83 years, Christ the Redeemer - a great Brazilian love - received dynamic lighting, in the colors green and yellow, on the night of Wednesday, October 8, when were launched the official website of the Institution and its profiles in social networks.

The rector of the Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer, Father Omar Raposo, opened the festivities with a procession with the statue of Our Lady of Aparecida, patroness of Brazil, throughout the plateau of the Monument, for the blessing to visitors, in different languages. English, Polish and Colombian were among those who were able to participate in this special time of prayer. After, a Mass was celebrated in thanksgiving for the new communication vehicle of the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro.

The site

From now on, people from anywhere in the world may know Christ the  Redeemer and stay informed about everything that goes on top of Corcovado, through the internet, the official website and the social networks (twitter. com / cristoredentor) ( and (

The institutional website is bilingual (Portuguese / English), very modern and brings interesting innovations such as Landscape 360° - that lets us know not only the panoramic view of the Monument, but also information about other attractions nearby - and the history 1 click - which, by illustrations, tells everything that happened over the years of the Monument’s existance, with a simple and dynamic language.

Some curiosities related to the history of Christ the Redeemer will be known. And all about the opening hours and tickets, as well as information about the religiosity of the Sanctuary, supporting companies and the schedule of what happens on top of Corcovado are available.

You can also send prayer requests and schedule pilgrimages, baptisms and weddings. Those who access the site will also earn the gift of weekly reflections and articles from the Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Cardinal Archbishop Orani João Tempesta, and from the rector of the Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer, Father Omar Raposo.

A couple from Minas Gerais, who lives in Uberlândia, and is on the eve of the birth of their first son Francis, during their visit to Christ the Redeemer, was pleased with the novelty of being able to make requests over the Internet:

- For us it will be a dream to schedule over the site our son’s baptism in the Chapel of the Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer.

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My gift to Christ the Redeemer is to show all my love

The launch of the site, which mentions the top ten reasons to love Christ the Redeemer increasingly, suggests a movement in social networks: to declare love for him, as a gift for his 83 years.
"Christ the Redeemer is a symbol of Brazil. And he is loved by us, Brazilians, and also much loved by foreigners. So we say on social networks #CristoAmorBrasileiro. We all love you! And, in this party of 83 years, we will declare this love for the whole world," calls Father Omar.

In order to participate simply:

1. Take a picture holding a paper with the hashtag #CristoAmorBrasileiro e

2. Post the photo in social networks with the phrase "On the anniversary of Christ the Redeemer, my gift is to show all my love #CristoAmorBrasileiro"
3. Schedule 3 friends to pass forward the desire to demonstrate love for Christ the Redeemer.