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Action of Love of Christ the Redeemer to the young

On March 31st, at Our Lady of Peace Square in Ipanema, the Action of Love of Christ the Redeemer conducted an itinerant action during the Diocesan Youth Day.

"It's been a very interesting experience to make the Action of Love of Christ the Redeemer intertwined, embraced, and at the service of Rio de Janeiro’ youth, this Diocesan Day. We are seeing that the booths are working and we brought services that we already imagined the young  would be interested, in order to give more attention to your health so you can have a better quality of life, "said the Coordinator of Social Projects of the Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer, Silvia Helena Gonzaga.

In this action, the goal was to address general health care, encouraging good habits, proper nutrition, physical activity, oral health care, and explaining about the risks of smoking and use of alcohol and drugs. Vocational testing and training opportunity for the labor market were also offered.

"Today, we are not here as psychologists, but as vocational counselors. Our mission is to guide this DYD, to help the young to make a professional choice with discernment, because the most important is not the financial part, not the status of the profession, but to be happy with their career choice, "said psychologists Sandra Regina Rocha and Vivian Moreno.